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Hi Friends.  I am looking to expand the reach of our website and the associated blog.  We get so many visitors and interesting phone calls, that I can not handle them all.  I have sold my unit at Cape Haze Resort, and now interested in having other owners list their own Cape Haze Peninsula units from Hammocks, Cape Haze Resort, Boca Vista Harbor, Hacienda Del Mar, Grand Preserve at Lemon Bay, Palm Island Resort and other Palm Island Properties, and Landings at Coral Creek.

I am also looking to add more pages from local backwater fishing guides, who fish the area waters of Charlotte Harbor, Gasparilla, Lemon Bay, Peace River, as well as Deep Sea guides.

We will create web pages on from Golf courses, Property Managers, Private owners, Marinas, Boat Rental Companies, etc. 

When we add your business or service to, we help you design your page.  We encourage you to write blogs about your business and services and your favorite things about the Cape Haze Penisula to bring in even more visitors to our family.

We reserve the right to accept only a select number of businesses from each category.

Insertion Fee $59, plus $9.99 per month.

Cape Haze Resort Deal - $450/week November 2012

Our Cape Haze Resort unit is booked through November 21 2012.  We had a last minute cancellation, so we are making the unit available for only $450 per week through December 15th. 2012.  One week minimum stay.  Contact me at email: 

Cape Haze Resort For Sale By Owner

Cape Haze Resort For Sale by Owner - $129,000 - 216-650-6915

This beautiful 4th floor Cape Haze Resort unit is fully furnished and immaculate and is one of the larger two bedroom units with a two car garage.  We overlook the nature preserve, and have all the amenities you would desire.  Real Estate prices have turned the corner in Cape Haze, so now is the time to buy your own vacation resort condominium. 

We rent our Cape Haze Resort unit out and the rental income more than covers all of the expenses including association maintenance fees, taxes and a furniture allowance.  You will have no problem renting this unit, because the websites and are available to the buyer of our condo and together with our Vacation Rental listings generate lots of inquiries.  Even though we generate positive cash flow ever year from rentals, our luxury Cape Haze Condo is still available for personal use during most of the year.

Eighteen Cape Haze Resort units sold over the past 12 months.  This trend is clearing out the inventory, and only a few units are available at any point in time.  At the time of this writing, our unit is the only furnished larger 2 BR, 2 Bath, 2 garage unit available! 

Rent our unit this winter... if you buy it, we will refund the rental fee.

If interested call 216-650-6915.

NOTE: All rentals booked will be honored by the new owners.  This will be part of any purchase agreement.

Cape Haze Resort - Last Minute Special

Most everyone who owns a place at Cape Haze Resort either uses it themselves during the winter, or rents it out by the month.  Weekly rental opportunities in February at Cape Haze Resort or anywhere on the Cape Haze Peninsula are very hard to come by in February and March.

Due to a cancellation, we have a last minute special available at Cape Haze Resort.  We normally rent our unit for $1000 per week in February and March.  Our unit is now available for only $800 per week for the period beginning January 28th through February 11.  We will consider either one week or two week rental.  No pets and no smoking.

Cape Haze Resort is beautifully located just across from the intra coastal waterway, within walking distance to Don Pedro State Park.  We are 3 minutes from Boca Grande, and about 10 minutes to the Englewood beaches.  The ferry to Palm Island is about 3 minutes from the front door of our Cape Haze Resort unit. 

The amenities that Cape Haze Resort offers includes a resort style pool, a private fitness room, and clubhouse.  We are one of the few properties in the Englewood - Cape Haze - Placida area that has boat and trailer parking for guests, right on the Cape Haze Resort property.

Cape Haze Resort Winter Getaway

Yesterday I received a call from a friend who wanted to spend a few weeks at Cape Haze Resort this winter.  He finds Cape Haze Resort  convenient because he keeps his boat in the water at Gasparilla Marina which is less than 5 minutes from Cape Haze Resort.

The waters of Lemon Bay, Turtle Bay and Charlotte Harbor are beautiful this time of year, and the fishing is great as well.  However, any of the traditional hotels and motels are about a 45 minute drive.  When on vacation, nobody wants to make a 45 minute drive several times a day, when they can stay at a great resort condominium just a few minutes from the water.  Cape Haze Resort is located just across from the Intra Coastal Waterway within a short walk to Don Pedro State Park.

Most all of the resort condominium rentals in the Cape Haze, Gasparilla area have a minimum one month vacation rental.  I rent my unit out by the week during peak season, and we have the following weeks still available:
January 28th 2012 through February 11th 2012
February 25th through March 10th 2012
Several weeks are available after March 17th.

Cape Haze Resort Christmas Gift Idea

The cold weather is upon us, and everyone is scrambling around for last minute gift ideas.  What better gift could there be than the gift of time.  Give the gift of time spent with your loved ones in a beautiful, warm and sunny, pleasant Florida resort. 

We still have two weeks available in February and two weeks available in March at our beautiful 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom Cape Haze Resort unit overlooking the Amberjack environmental park and just across the street from Don Pedro State Park.

Most all of the properties in the Cape Haze area offer rentals only with a one month minimum stay.  We rent out our unit by the week, because we occasionally use it for a week at a time, and do want to book it out for the entire season.

Located near Charlotte Harbor means that we have some of the best fishing in all of Florida.  Our Cape Haze Resort is boater friendly, and you are welcome to trailer your boat and park it at Cape Haze Resort.  We have great beaches nearby, and the wildlife is spectacular.

You can email be at or call directly at 941-445-6240.

Cape Haze Resort Condo For Sale by Owner

I am really happy to announce that one of our best Cape Haze Resort vacation rental properties is now being descretely offered for sale by owner at the price of only $159,000. 

This beautiful 4th floor unit is newly furnished and in move in condition.  The owner spared no expense on the furnishings.  This top floor two bedroom Palmetto unit at Cape Haze Resort overlooks the nature preserver, and features all granite countertops, new applicances, and a two car garage.

The owners at Cape Haze Resort have rented these luxury vacation rental condominiums at Cape Haze Resort very easily, and report that the income generated from the seasonal rentals pulls in more than enough rental income to cover the annual holding cost of the unit, and still allow for months of use by the owners.

This unit is so popular with renters, that we guarantee you that no matter what happens with the economy, if you wish to rent out your own Cape Haze Resort vacation rental property; you will cover all of the operating costs for at least two years.

Kayak Coral Creek

I have been visiting the Cape Haze florida peninsula for many years, and I continue to be amazed at how beautiful the place is.  Last year I went kayaking for the first time.  Since then, Bobby purchased his own kayak.  Since I do not have my own, yesterday we drove three minutes from our Cape Haze Resort condo over to Grande Tours Kayak Center at 12575 Placida Road, Placida, Florida where I was able to rent a kayak and put in.  The rental was $25 for the first two hours and $5 per hour thereafter.  They charged Bobby $6 to launch.

We did not get there until 2 pm.  High tide was scheduled at 3 pm, so we decided to head north into Coral Creek rather than go into Gasparilla Sound.  The plan was to paddle for a while then do some fishing, so I made sure my Kayak rental was equipped for fishing poles.  Generally we like to use artificial lures, but I had some live shrimp, so as soon as we hit the water, I put shrimp on the line and cast along the mangroves and piers.  I caught nothing but a few pin fish.

Heading upstream, we had the wind at our backs, so the paddling was pretty easy.  Beauty everywhere.  Coral Creek has mangroves, sea grass, and lots of cuts and small islands.  Along one of the shores, we passed Coral Creek Golf course and then continued back into the wilderness. 

Since we needed to be back by 4:30, it seems that no sooner did we start, that it was time to turn around and head back.  Now we were paddling against the wind, but with the current.  Any time you get on the water here is time well spent.  Later in the week if we get a day that is not so windy, I am going to get started first thing in the morning and explore Coral Creek by kayak with my camera.  Two and a half hours was not enough time.

Cape Haze Resort Condo Association

I am pleased to announce that I have been elected to the board of directors for the Cape Haze Resort condominium association as the developer prepares to tranfer the HOA over to the private owners of the 144 condominium units at Cape Haze Resort.  More importantly, it has been reported that the Cape Haze Resort property in Cape Haze Florida, is leading the way back from the real estate problems that southwest Florida and the rest of the nation has dealt with over the past few years.

Aprroximately 30 units have been sold to individual owners over the past 18 months at bargain prices, and the developer reports that only a few units remain.  Most of the remaining Cape Haze Resort units are already under contract.  Moreover, the developer is already talking about his plans to begin construction of an additonal 144 Cape Haze Resort units, once some of the other Placida Road inventory clears over the next couple of years.

Cape Haze remains a wonderful mix of year round residences and vacation rental owners.  The luxury pool and clubhouse, as well as the grounds are all in tip-top shape, and the tarpon fishermen are once again grabbing up any remaining Cape Haze Resort vacation rentals for May and June as they prepare for the highly publicized Boca Grande Pass tarpon tournaments.  We are already seeing an increase in advance winter bookings for the 2011 season, with many owners requiring a minimum of two months as prices edge upward from the 2010 winter rates.

Tarpon fishermen arive in Cape Haze

Just as the birds and fish migration patterns are predictable, so too are the migration patterns of the famed Tampa Bay Tarpon tournament fisherman.  Each May the profession fishing guides from Tampa begin to join the local Charlotte Harbor fishermen and others from around the globe to fish the exciting and potentially lucrative Tarpon Tournaments of Boca Grande Pass. 

We have a dozen Cape Haze Resort owner units booked to the fishermen from the Tampa teams who love the convenience and luxury of Cape Haze Resort because the resort has a special parking lot for our guests boats and trailers, and because we are only three minutes from Eldred's boat ramp.

For all of the lousy winter weather, Southwest Florida could not be more pleasant than it is this first week of May.  The sun it out, but not too hot.  The breeze is fresh and not too humid.  I fished Placida pier yesterday and also fished along one of the walls on some Cape Haze property on the Intra-coastal waterway.  We did not have much luck, but we did land a small flounder, which has been a rare catch for us for the past several years.


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